Your Wedding


We are here for it!

I get it and I honor it: you’re about to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in your life. Our team recognizes the significance and we are here to document it in a way that will feel timeless 100 years from now.


Celebration means relaxation


Our clients trust our experience

If you are walking through this season of your life and feeling a huge sense of responsibility and pressure, let us take a bit of that edge off. Our mission is to provide you with timeless and breathtaking photographs but beyond that we also live to serve you in other ways. We take immense pride in providing you with the calm comfort of trust. We’ve seen it all and are prepared for anything on your wedding day.


Our friendship


Is the foundation of everything

Laying a solid foundation to any good friendship means we are already super excited to get to know you! We want the process of booking and planning for your photographs to feel comfortable and nurturing —  like a warm cashmere blanket.


Your engagement session is included no matter which package you book.

This part you are welcome to take or leave as it is a personal gift from each of us. It’s the base layer to familiarizing ourselves with your love story and it’s also so much fun!


We communicate and discuss the details of your wedding day throughout the season of your engagement.

We are sure to pick up the phone several times before your wedding day to organize the best possible photography timeline that will provide you with the most stunning and well-lit photographs.


After this initial bonding experiences, we are able to kindly “take the reins!” on your wedding day.

This will give you and your families the peace of mind you need as well as the ability to truly relax, trust, and take it all in.


“Jackie has an amazing way of

making the most shy and timid person feel completely comfortable in front of a camera.

Not only does she take incredible pictures, but she is also one of the kindest souls I've ever met. She made me feel at ease during the most stressful times in my wedding planning process and was always so supportive. Photographs are incredibly important to me and I expressed this to her the moment I first contacted her about booking her for the wedding and she 100% DELIVERED. Booking her for our engagement and wedding photos was the best decision we made, hands down”

— Melanie & Weston


What does it cost to hire you?

Investment costs for wedding photography can be provided with a simple email and include a full breakdown of package options ranging from basic elopement packages to multi-day all-inclusive options

Jackie’s collections range from $6,500 to $15,000

Associate collections start at $4,200


How much coverage do I need? Do I need two photographers?

Both decisions are dependent on your plans and timeframe. We have seen just about every scenario on wedding days; some that require just six hours of coverage with one photographer (and an assistant) and others that are best served with two or three photographers and their assistants for 10 or 12 hours. When you inquire, please us know that you are looking for guidance on this because we are more than happy to accommodate your wishes!


Is travel included?

Travel is included within Northern Vermont. Outside of this range, we require a travel fee to accommodate for long drives, flights, and hotel stays. Each event varies and we would love to put together an estimate for you!


What is a ‘first look’ and do you recommend it?

A first look is an opportunity to see your significant other before your ceremony; this serves so many advantages (namely, you get to see your best friend!) including completing almost all of your formal portraits prior to your celebration, allowing you the freedom to be fully present with your closest friends and family both at your cocktail reception and dinner. This also ensures that your wedding photographs are beautifully lit by natural sunlight so you are free to plan an evening or even nighttime ceremony and reception without worrying that your portraits will be lit by manmade light, or camera flash.


Have you shot at our venue?

We are nothing if not completely prepared so rest assured that even if we haven’t photographed a session or event at your chosen venue, we will arrive in ample time to choose portrait locations and familiarize ourselves with the lay of the land. We arrive charged and ready to go so it’s not uncommon for us to make important and artistic/light based decisions in the heat of the moment!


Ready to make memories?