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When I think of my family


I often find myself

stopped in my tracks, smiling and reminiscing over a wonderful memory. My son's first laugh, deep and from his gut, as I kissed his toes. My daughter being laid on my chest the moment after coming earth-side. My husband coming home on the final day of hunting season to our warm little cabin in the woods; all the little things that make up the big things. Let me help you capture these moments you will look back on with so much tenderness and longing, your heart will just burst. XO - Jackie


“The gift of Jackie’s photography

lies in her ability to capture the rare moments & intricacies that make each family unique.

I remember looking at our wedding photographs and noticing the details she captured that we never had a moment to notice - let alone appreciate. I feel the same about our family pictures: The special way my husband held onto our daughter’s shoulder when she was just up to his waist, the glance she sends him for assurance in every stance and how we fall into one another in comfortable peace. It isn’t until we have the opportunity to step back from our hectic lives that we see the beauty that we’ve created in our home. Jackie captures the beauty and connection of family with simple, yet elegant, authenticity. Whether it be the intimacy of our marriage or the joyful celebration of our daughter’s childhood, I cherish the opportunity to revel in the moments she captured in photographs.”

— Kerry


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you help me understand the dynamic of your family sessions?


The Family Experience lasts about an hour or so, takes place outdoors and is curated with real film. Beautiful light and a fresh, candid perspective of your family set the tone for all of our portrait commissions, and we relish in the fun parts of being immersed in your family circle. We don't rush our way through it, so allow yourself to relax, enjoy the silliness, and take in the moment.


What does your hour long session include and how much does it costs?


Sessions from The Family Experience are the heart and soul of our portrait commissions and we accept up to 15 per calendar year.  Every package includes 50 finished images presented in an online gallery along with a print collection and my personal recommendations for Fine Art Products.  With weekday and weekend evenings available, we book one to three months prior to your preferred shoot date and prepare you with a What to Wear Guide and suggestions for a stunning location. Available within The United States. Pricing begins at $625 + travel.


What do Mini Sessions include?


These seasonal sessions are announced three to six months in advance of the session date (you’ll want to join our newsletter to be one of the first to find out when and where the next one is!). Mini sessions are a punctuated approach to The Family Experience and offer 15 minutes of photography with 15 fully edited images presented in an online gallery (there is an option to purchase more images!). Perfect if you're looking for an updated wall portrait or to use on holiday cards or for special announcements. These sessions are booked in clusters of six or more on a specified date and location set up by our studio. Pricing begins at $325 and they always sell out fast!


I am late or can’t make it to my Mini Session. Can I reschedule on a date that works better for me?


Unfortunately, no. Mini Sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable and due to high demand and very limited availability, rescheduling to a stand alone date is not possible.


How long after my session is finished will I receive my images?


We shoot 100% of our portrait commissions on real film, so after we finish your shoot and FedEx your film to our lab in Utah, typical turn around is about three weeks.


“With you, each and every time, we not only get photos, we get memories.

We always know there's going to be something pretty darn special.

I've said it before and will say it again, you make your clients feel completely at ease and bring out their best. I remember the post you wrote on your blog a couple months ago about being grateful that you get to do this... I don't know if you realize how many people are grateful that you do. Thank you for the beautiful family photos! We will treasure them alongside our engagement and wedding images.”

— Ashley


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