Featured: Design New England with Tarrnation Flower Farm

Working alongside Vanessa was one of the highlights of 2016 for me! Her operation and ongoing passion at Tarrnation Flower Farm is something to behold (hello, #ladyboss). Her father (Reggie) and her run the show at what can only be described as a show-garden-turned-operating-flower-farm right here in, you guessed it, Northern New England! Wowzas. Talk about ambition + hustle!

While I was honing my skills with a new film camera last Spring and Summer, Vanessa and I collaborated on several shoots for the farm including one for Peony Season and another for the coveted Dahlia season. The kind and hard working editorial team at Design New England took notice of Tarrnation Farm and featured our autumn collaboration in their newest issue. I HIGHLY recommend grabbing a copy; it is one of the most beautifully designed magazines out there. If you are a home designer, a reno-wizard, or just a homebody with vision, it has got to be on your list for weekend reads. Divulging into Vanessa's story will leave you with a proud smile and some "get up and go" if you've got big dreams like hers. #DreamHUGE friends, and have a super happy weekend!